When your soldier is deployed, you can write them on here and it will be delivered free

More than a Military Spouse:  I LOVE her blog.. it has given me a lot of hope and inspiration.  Check her out.+

Mrs. Carpenter I love this girl.  She’s my twinny Army wife.

Fort Benning, GA BCT Activity Photos: By searching for you s/o’s unit, you can see nice pictures taken during training.  They keep the last few graduation cycles up, also, in case you missed it.

More to come when I have time to dig up all the sites I’ve been using 🙂

Also, If you’re a Military Spouse or Service-Member who blogs, and would like your link listed hit me up!  Never hurts to have circles of similar blogs, I know when I was getting through the BCT phase I was desperate for any info and help I could find online.