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Star wars. and jaws. {in a galaxy, not so far away}

On a rainy day, a group of Jedi came to our humble town to teach the young the way of the force.  We were a combination of sinus sick and tired from an epic 30th birthday party the prior night (see THIS photo: never grow up), but we could not miss this rare opportunity, so dragged our asses out we did.  And this was the result.  Happy family.









365.. do over

Well.  Needless to say I have been picking up my camera mostly on days when I’m working.  I do get some candids of my family, or stars, or random things occasionally.  But it’s usually just work.  And, honestly, I work so much that when I’m at home the last thing on my mind is toting around my camera.  I guess that means some of the passion might be getting lost.. but since I’m starting to having a lot of positive feedback (and a few clients!) from my composite fine art and whimsical imagery, I think things are starting to move in the right direction.  I’ve also picked up a little Pentax K1000 35mm film camera, and can’t wait to finish off my first roll (and find somewhere reputable to send off the film).  I think that would be a better medium for a 365.  I love the weight of the body, and the not knowing what the image will look like.  I’m sure it will take some getting used to, and a lot of under or over exposed images will come from the first few rolls.. but it’s exciting ❤

Enjoy a few sneak peeks into our lives for the time being (Jan-March), and be sure to check out my Facebook page for work stuff.  I’m still terrible at keeping up on blogging, so my website http://www.candicemphotography is gorgeous, but a bit behind.

2015: That 365 Thing

I’m sure, whether you’re a photographer or not, you’ve heard of the omnipresent “365”. The challenge is to take a photo each day. Which, you would think is easy for someone who eats, sleeps, and breaths everything involves digital photography, but when I attempted this last August, I ended up getting overwhelmed with work and not picking up my camera during my off hours. I’m sure there’s plenty of circles where iPhotos count, but I wanted to do it right 🙂 So, Here’s the first entry of the project, with images from the 29th of December, 2014 (I started a few days early).




This one is the winner of the photo for the day. Girls are so sweet 🙂




Just a quick w.o.w. post

I often get a little starstruck and intimidated by the amount and expense of good, industry standard photography equipment.


the great escape; 96   


Eduardo you have a new, big fan 😀


This gem shows that amazing photos can come from even your little sister’s point and shoot. Yes.

We need to remember why we got behind the camera in the first place, and let our imagination, not our wallet, make our photos amazing.


4th of July



The 4th of July is a big to-do anywhere, but on a military installation it’s even larger! There’s always a band (at least here, in Hawaii there is) and this year we had Third Eye Blind (last was Switchfoot and someone else I can’t think of). It was pretty awesome hearing some flashback to the late 90’s songs. I still love them 🙂 Then of course, there is the big state salute with the cannons blasting off, the Army band plays, and then a huge display of fireworks. The kids had a blast with 3 of their friends and we chilled on a blanket in the field.

It was also the last day I took my horrible Depekote pills. Those are the horse pills my doc decided to double dose (from 2-4). I had been feeling sluggish and gaining weight, and the higher dose just made it so much worse. I had actually gained weight since my last post, putting myself close to my all time high.

I had ordered the new product from Beachbody, 3 day refresh, the week prior and Monday Charlie and I committed to it. It involved a very different eating mindset- Each meal was broken up into the “shake part”, “snack part” and “tea”. So Breakfast was Shakeology, fruit, fiber packet (ew), Lunch was a vanilla fresh shake, with a fruit, vegetable, and healthy fat, with an afternoon snack of a veggie and healthy fat (pretty much hummus) or a fresh raw juice (like juicer stuff). Then more tea. Dinner- the vanilla shake and one of the veggie recipes (seriously no meat, bread, carbs, etc) with the option to have organic broth along with it, and then an evening tea. I ended up probably cheating by having Chi Vanilla tea instead of herbal, but I actually have kept the tea habit up. Now i’m drinking some Earl Grey. Not too shabby 😛

I lost 5 of the pounds I had put on, and today, 4 days later, am at a total of 7. I started P90X yesterday (friday I did the fit test). RAWR. It’s great to have my energy, clarity, and motivation back. Those pills have been tossed and I’m back to the regular dose of the lamotragine(spelling….)

Nora started soccer practice the beginning of this month and starts her games the first weekend of August. Tuesday I’ll go find out her classroom assignment. We were lucky to get all of her school supplies today (before Military payday, so there was actually stuff there even though the store was pretty packed). She will be starting Piano lessons in August too!!! She’s not the most excited child about soccer, but I hope she will gain more confidence and get used to running around a little bit more. In the fall she will get to participate in Cheerleading too. I am going to be a very busy mom -_- maybe too busy.. I’ll see lol.


un-acomplishment can be.. just Candice

It’s true.  I suck at accomplishing things, unless it’s cleaning baseboards, light switches, and making sure the house looks Martha Steward-esq (on a very much lower budget) before anyone shows up on my doorstep.  But school?  Have no progression to show.  Doctor thinks we should double the dose of the 2 BP meds- so 4 horse pills and 2 regular circles daily, plus the anxiety stuff.  I’m not so sure that’s the problem, but we’ll give it a month.

Today kicked off a 15 week (yes I said 15 weeks or 105 day) diet.  The 4th of July does not count :P.  I’m going to prove that, no matter what your method is, it’s possible to go from apple to hourglass and have that jLo booty that CAN be achieved with squats.. just lots of them.

I have two proof sets to post, but finished 3 shoots.  I will say, after being ready to throw in the towel on newborn shoots, we came up with some of the cutest damn photos.  My other sessions went extremely well too, including a redeployment in a hanger at the adjoining army post at 5AM.  (not a morning person).

Kids. Summer. Headaches.

I added 2 Zebra finches to the 4 society (2 european, 2 regular?) and while they all get along, the 4 societies have moved to the larger nest and just last night the zebras were allowed to take up residence in the smaller one.



If you need a shoot (and live in Hawaii) or are wanting to get in shape, let me know.  Part of my 15 week program *suggests* beachbody products but hell I’m happy to help anyone using DIY methods that are free.  I’d just like the support group to form.


email: or

text: 808-927-2940      //        No creepers!


_DSC1573 _DSC0796 preview DSC_2036-water


I HAVE to start on my homework.  Once I’m half way (at least) through Unit 2 then I can work on this weeks shoot 2 and 3 proofs.  Maternity, family studio, and anniversary 🙂

Ok, school again (NASM)!  Kids are locked upstairs, charlie is on the grind too, and FB and Phone are turned off.  Sayonara!

“I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.”

Audrey Hepburn

I’m going to admit it.  I’m not always the most empathetic person, but people do come to me often and I try my best.  I wish I could say the same as Audrey.  Sometimes, I feel as though people I know think it’s THEIR show.  And, really, it is.  In their life it’s their show, and in my life it’s MY show.  But I shouldn’t write off others because I feel their complaints and problems are minor compared to mine (though I’m pretty reserved with my issues).  To them, it’s all the shit they’re dealing with and it’s a lot, and who am I to judge?  I need to step back and really look at the big picture.  I used to be so good at this!  Lately I find myself irritable and not really listening 100% of the time.  I can be a great and terrible friend at the same time.  I think my true friends see me for what I am and see the good in me, not the crappy side.

I LOVE attention, affection, being envied, imitated, whatever.  In high school, before I turned to other methods, I drew from other’s flattery.  As I got older, it was usually from the opposite sex that I got this attention I craved, and used it to my favor.  Not saying I was a harlot, but it was nice to have people buying you drinks because you smiled the right way, had the coolest hair and piercings/tattoos, and were brash.

It’s also probably the way I met the love of my life.  We were both waiting by the bar (him for his paycheck, me for drinks for table whatever) and he commented on something with OJ and Pineapple juice probably being delightful.  My brash mouth and attitude spat out “yeah, if you have a pussy” and I guess for him it was love at first sight.  At the time it wasn’t at the front of my mind, but after one date with him (which took a few weeks and a very cheesy pick up line on his part) I was done for.

I digress.

Even now, a few years shy of thirty, and I still wish for that praise and affection that… I don’t know that it exists for me at this time.  I’m not graceful, a great hostess, or able to be the compassionate listener (I used to be good at this).  Now my mind wanders, I cut people off, and often wonder why I don’t just blab all my issues to the world as if I needed sympathy.  I know I’m too old to be that punk rock chick taping band flyers to the homeless in Orlando, but at the same time I can’t (and I’ve tried) be the “woman” wearing clothing from the women’s section and heels with statement jewelry.  If I had it my way, I’d probably have about 10 facial piercings and 2 full sleeves by now (not considering monetary issues).  What type of image does this imply as an army wife?  Sure, while Charlie is a JNCO is isn’t a big deal.  But once he grows in rank, or if he gets accepted to green-to-gold or OCS I’m pretty sure I’ll need to put on a new “face”.  The army is a bit different from civilian life, and I’m adjusting while fighting it.

HNL right before sunset.
HNL right before sunset.
Gold as that naked king.
Gold as that naked king.
Color corrected
Color corrected

On a whim, I drove a bit outside of Honolulu tonight to try out long exposure and ended up meeting a new friend while at it.  Here are the three images I edited since I arrived home.  Tomorrow morning I’m hitting the lagoons with a good friend, then Walmart, then a newborn shoot (can I remind myself after the other scheduled one I’m no longer doing newborns?  They are so precious and I love snuggling them, but so hard to get great photos of!), and lastly picking up a gift for a certain person.  Plus getting things ready for my baby’s homecoming!  Cheesy, yes, he has only been gone a bit more than a month but we missed him and he missed us and that means we are celebrating!

Oh yeah.  I still haven’t made a Hibiscus half post.  Later (meaning next month, lol)






I saw this on and connected, and wanted to share.


So, after lots of blogging, and not blogging, and making separate blogs for different things, and combining old blogs with new blogs- you get the idea- I am tired, and decided it’s all going into ONE space.  I am not different things, I am Candice.  There are little things that make up the whole of me, but I can’t be completely separated into this, that and the third.

To make it easy, everything has been categorized.  So, if you’re here for my fitness articles/posts/related things, look on your right and click “fitness”.  Same for photography, or Life, the Universe, and Everything for just day to day ramblings, regular life stuff.  Sometimes a post might cross into 2 categories.  Cheers!
**Note** If you’re looking for my photography blog, please go here: which is contained in my business website

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