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un-acomplishment can be.. just Candice

It’s true.  I suck at accomplishing things, unless it’s cleaning baseboards, light switches, and making sure the house looks Martha Steward-esq (on a very much lower budget) before anyone shows up on my doorstep.  But school?  Have no progression to show.  Doctor thinks we should double the dose of the 2 BP meds- so 4 horse pills and 2 regular circles daily, plus the anxiety stuff.  I’m not so sure that’s the problem, but we’ll give it a month.

Today kicked off a 15 week (yes I said 15 weeks or 105 day) diet.  The 4th of July does not count :P.  I’m going to prove that, no matter what your method is, it’s possible to go from apple to hourglass and have that jLo booty that CAN be achieved with squats.. just lots of them.

I have two proof sets to post, but finished 3 shoots.  I will say, after being ready to throw in the towel on newborn shoots, we came up with some of the cutest damn photos.  My other sessions went extremely well too, including a redeployment in a hanger at the adjoining army post at 5AM.  (not a morning person).

Kids. Summer. Headaches.

I added 2 Zebra finches to the 4 society (2 european, 2 regular?) and while they all get along, the 4 societies have moved to the larger nest and just last night the zebras were allowed to take up residence in the smaller one.



If you need a shoot (and live in Hawaii) or are wanting to get in shape, let me know.  Part of my 15 week program *suggests* beachbody products but hell I’m happy to help anyone using DIY methods that are free.  I’d just like the support group to form.


email: or

text: 808-927-2940      //        No creepers!


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I HAVE to start on my homework.  Once I’m half way (at least) through Unit 2 then I can work on this weeks shoot 2 and 3 proofs.  Maternity, family studio, and anniversary 🙂

Ok, school again (NASM)!  Kids are locked upstairs, charlie is on the grind too, and FB and Phone are turned off.  Sayonara!

Do what?!

Read this.
Then read it again.

“In 1900, the typical city dweller consumed about 2,900 calories per day, with 40 percent of these calories coming from equal parts saturated and unsaturated fat. (Rural families living and working on farms probably ate more calories.) Theirs was a diet filled with butter, eggs, meats, grains, and seasonable fruits and vegetables. Few Americans were overweight, and the three most common causes of death were pneumonia, tuberculosis, and diarrhea and enteritis.”

Excerpt From: Perlmutter, David. “Grain Brain.” Little, Brown and Company, 2013-09-17. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Check his credentials. There are a lot of crazy diet people out there, and he may be one of them, but this book is definitely thought provoking. As long as you don’t mind a harder read.

Also- I miss the double space between sentences. I still catch myself sometimes…. Random thought for you.


Almost done!

Charlie comes home in a few days!  It went by faster than I expected.  I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I hoped.. funny.  When he is home, he tells me to stop cleaning, when he is gone, I don’t want to!  Lol.

I was doing better at keeping it updated, but here’s the link to my youtube video feed.  It’s nothing super impressive, just day to day life 🙂  But I know my parents and in-laws love to see the nuggets in action.

I broke out the juicer again yesterday- I forgot how good (kind of?) fresh juice is.  That, plus Combat live today, and shakeology has my system like whoa.

Image  Image

(that is not my husband or anyone I even know.  But that is one sexy as hell camera lens!)


So, after lots of blogging, and not blogging, and making separate blogs for different things, and combining old blogs with new blogs- you get the idea- I am tired, and decided it’s all going into ONE space.  I am not different things, I am Candice.  There are little things that make up the whole of me, but I can’t be completely separated into this, that and the third.

To make it easy, everything has been categorized.  So, if you’re here for my fitness articles/posts/related things, look on your right and click “fitness”.  Same for photography, or Life, the Universe, and Everything for just day to day ramblings, regular life stuff.  Sometimes a post might cross into 2 categories.  Cheers!
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Featured post This Saturday, Hawa This Saturday, Hawaii friends come work out with some of your IPC instructors! == PiYo Prev.

Tripler Ridge to Haiku Stairs

Attempt number 2 climbing up the back of the mountain ridge overlooking H3 and down Haiku Stairs, AKA “Stairway to Heaven”. It’s extremely gorgeous under good weather conditions.. unfortunately 6 of the 7 hour hike was rainy and we were (literally) walking in the clouds. Embedded is a short video Charlie took coming down the stairs.

Was it hard? You bet. Lots of very, VERY steep climbing with rock footholds and holding onto ferns or the occasional rope to hoist yourself up an almost vertical climb. Plenty of sliding down the ridge (parallel to H3) on our bums. We were literally “red” from the clay by the end of the trip, but it was extremely amazing to accomplish something very few will ever do in their lifetime.

PS- going down the stairs is scary as shit! Not only were they wet, some of the rungs are missing or wobbly or tilted, and a few of the rails are no longer there. Parts are vertical, forcing you to go down like a ladder, but mostly you can go down face first. About a 1/4 down the stairs the weather cleared (just one side, the one overlooking the highway and K-Bay) and the rain let up.


I made a slideshow of images I was able to gather from our collective cellphones, the GoPro video feed will be posted after the guys return from operation desert training.

Here is a link to the slideshow:

Super-Super Saturday! April 2014

So, Super Saturday this April was kicking!  It was good to see my team mates, and meet some new friends.  After a very inspirational speech from one very awesome lady and group photos, we did a triple workout!

1. Insanity Workout (warmup, 10 minute)

2. Turbo Kick to the tune of Pharell’s Happy

3. PiYo!  I wasn’t expecting a pilates-yoga fusion to be so ass kicking awesome.  I’m actually signed up to become a certified instructor this Saturday, the 26th 😀


If you’d like to tag along to the next one in June, please let me know!  It’s free for non-coaches and I usually have room in my car.  It’s not a sales pitch to become a coach, just a bunch of people getting together, sharing some inspirational/motivational stuff and then getting good and sweaty!  It will be right after BB SUMIT (huge event) so we’ll get a preview of Charlene Johnson’s official PiYo Beachbody program too 🙂

1911055_4086576659197_5221806058698163136_oMy first 10k!  I honestly did not run once since the 23’rds Spartan Sprint.. lol.  How great am I at preparing for things!?

I will say, I ran for 10+ minute intervals (never happened before!) and my 5k time was about a minute better than my first Cross Country event in high school.  Not terrible for being 10 years older. We started at the foot of the bridge, and ran a huge clockwise circle on the roads that follow the permitter of the island.  Cool running past the Mighty Mo’ and all the old buildings.  I’m surprised they haven’t remodeled them- some of them look in pretty bad shape.  Veterans were nice enough to hand out little Flags so I stuck one in my camel back around Mile 2.  Since I had my hydration system I didn’t have to stop at the water stations, but pretty much traffic got congested there.  There was a guy who went down around mile four, hope he is okay 😦  It was decently warm (high 70s low 80s) and maybe he didn’t hydrate well, or pushed himself too hard.  I didn’t see the details.

My final time was 1 Hour 17 minutes and a few seconds, I haven’t seen where to find the official results yet.  Woop Woop dude was there, plus a whole interesting variety of people.  One older guy had a Ford Island Bridge Run shirt from ’99, another looked like Carrot top wearing a speedo.  Lol.  I had a blast!  It was a little scary doing something all by myself, but I dove in headfirst.  Hubs was apparently pretty proud of me and told his office all about how cool I am (:

I’m ready for the next thing!  I think we might try a hike next weekend, and possibly skydiving for our friend’s birthday on Easter!

More images @ Flickr- Click me!

v Here is a cool break down of the route, elevation and mile times. v

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