Updated June 2014


Quite a bit has changed since we got here.  I thought about deleting that entire “about be 734507_3759520042986_86605569_nbabble” but decided it was worth keeping to remember.   I’ve since quit subbing (PPT) at the elementary school and babysitting.  My husband has completed EIB training (3 pushups away from passing!  Non combat MOS actually don’t get the EIB award, but some other type of ribbon to wear I think),  a 1 week and 2 week FTX, and currently is about to return from a month in the Mojave desert (Fort Irwin Operations training blah blah).  It still sucks when he isn’t here, but we are slowly learning how to deal 🙂

I’ve taken up photography as a profession (business license and all) and started school to earn my Personal Trainer Certificate through NASM.  I’ll go back to Alabama once I finish the programs MyCAA (military spouse program) offers.  I’m also a PiYo certified instructor (watch for beachbody’s program coming out this fall) and a BB coach.  Hit me up if you’re interested in the products and programs!

I’m importing the posts (few and far in-between) from my other 2 blogs and just putting everything in one place.  I have separate Facebook pages for photography and fitness, but blogging well, it’s my life and easier to just write about what I feel like and tag it appropriately so people can filter what they want.

Being in Hawaii we’re finally enjoying some of the natural beauty.  Check out posts from some of our hikes and adventures!



Updated September 2013

My name is Candice.  Currently I’m a mom and homemaker, wife, and substitute teacher.  In the past I’ve worked in marketing, bars, banks, teeth, and retail.  I’m a student at the University of Alabama studying Nutrition and Health Science, though i’m not sure which role in the field I want to play.  In January of 2013 my husband shipped out to Basic Combat Training in the Army after almost 10 months of preparation.  No one can prepare you for being separated from the one person you love.  It was a long 10 weeks, one of the harder things I’ve done in my life.  While my world turned upside down- it was for the best!  After completing BCT and AIT, we now have been reunited in…

Hawaii!  Who would have guessed we would pull that card?  Our wishlist compiled of snowy Alaska, Germany, and New York but you wont hear me complaining.  I love it here, and without the Army I never would have gotten the opportunity to visit paradise.

We have two beautiful children, Nora (5) and Nathan (2).  They amaze me every day and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to stay home with them currently.

I can be a bit of a hermit, but I love my new friends on the island, and miss my old friends equally.

I have a gaggle of piercings and tattoos, a love for video games, books, movies, music.  My light-saber is cooler than yours -_n

Some of my favorite people live millions of miles away, and even if our friendship is wildly exaggerated in my mind, I appreciate their existence beyond their beliefs.

Fun Fact- This photo has made rounds around the internet and been d
Homecoming after AIT