The 4th of July is a big to-do anywhere, but on a military installation it’s even larger! There’s always a band (at least here, in Hawaii there is) and this year we had Third Eye Blind (last was Switchfoot and someone else I can’t think of). It was pretty awesome hearing some flashback to the late 90’s songs. I still love them 🙂 Then of course, there is the big state salute with the cannons blasting off, the Army band plays, and then a huge display of fireworks. The kids had a blast with 3 of their friends and we chilled on a blanket in the field.

It was also the last day I took my horrible Depekote pills. Those are the horse pills my doc decided to double dose (from 2-4). I had been feeling sluggish and gaining weight, and the higher dose just made it so much worse. I had actually gained weight since my last post, putting myself close to my all time high.

I had ordered the new product from Beachbody, 3 day refresh, the week prior and Monday Charlie and I committed to it. It involved a very different eating mindset- Each meal was broken up into the “shake part”, “snack part” and “tea”. So Breakfast was Shakeology, fruit, fiber packet (ew), Lunch was a vanilla fresh shake, with a fruit, vegetable, and healthy fat, with an afternoon snack of a veggie and healthy fat (pretty much hummus) or a fresh raw juice (like juicer stuff). Then more tea. Dinner- the vanilla shake and one of the veggie recipes (seriously no meat, bread, carbs, etc) with the option to have organic broth along with it, and then an evening tea. I ended up probably cheating by having Chi Vanilla tea instead of herbal, but I actually have kept the tea habit up. Now i’m drinking some Earl Grey. Not too shabby 😛

I lost 5 of the pounds I had put on, and today, 4 days later, am at a total of 7. I started P90X yesterday (friday I did the fit test). RAWR. It’s great to have my energy, clarity, and motivation back. Those pills have been tossed and I’m back to the regular dose of the lamotragine(spelling….)

Nora started soccer practice the beginning of this month and starts her games the first weekend of August. Tuesday I’ll go find out her classroom assignment. We were lucky to get all of her school supplies today (before Military payday, so there was actually stuff there even though the store was pretty packed). She will be starting Piano lessons in August too!!! She’s not the most excited child about soccer, but I hope she will gain more confidence and get used to running around a little bit more. In the fall she will get to participate in Cheerleading too. I am going to be a very busy mom -_- maybe too busy.. I’ll see lol.