It’s true.  I suck at accomplishing things, unless it’s cleaning baseboards, light switches, and making sure the house looks Martha Steward-esq (on a very much lower budget) before anyone shows up on my doorstep.  But school?  Have no progression to show.  Doctor thinks we should double the dose of the 2 BP meds- so 4 horse pills and 2 regular circles daily, plus the anxiety stuff.  I’m not so sure that’s the problem, but we’ll give it a month.

Today kicked off a 15 week (yes I said 15 weeks or 105 day) diet.  The 4th of July does not count :P.  I’m going to prove that, no matter what your method is, it’s possible to go from apple to hourglass and have that jLo booty that CAN be achieved with squats.. just lots of them.

I have two proof sets to post, but finished 3 shoots.  I will say, after being ready to throw in the towel on newborn shoots, we came up with some of the cutest damn photos.  My other sessions went extremely well too, including a redeployment in a hanger at the adjoining army post at 5AM.  (not a morning person).

Kids. Summer. Headaches.

I added 2 Zebra finches to the 4 society (2 european, 2 regular?) and while they all get along, the 4 societies have moved to the larger nest and just last night the zebras were allowed to take up residence in the smaller one.



If you need a shoot (and live in Hawaii) or are wanting to get in shape, let me know.  Part of my 15 week program *suggests* beachbody products but hell I’m happy to help anyone using DIY methods that are free.  I’d just like the support group to form.


email: or

text: 808-927-2940      //        No creepers!


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