Read this.
Then read it again.

“In 1900, the typical city dweller consumed about 2,900 calories per day, with 40 percent of these calories coming from equal parts saturated and unsaturated fat. (Rural families living and working on farms probably ate more calories.) Theirs was a diet filled with butter, eggs, meats, grains, and seasonable fruits and vegetables. Few Americans were overweight, and the three most common causes of death were pneumonia, tuberculosis, and diarrhea and enteritis.”

Excerpt From: Perlmutter, David. “Grain Brain.” Little, Brown and Company, 2013-09-17. iBooks.
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Check his credentials. There are a lot of crazy diet people out there, and he may be one of them, but this book is definitely thought provoking. As long as you don’t mind a harder read.

Also- I miss the double space between sentences. I still catch myself sometimes…. Random thought for you.