So, Super Saturday this April was kicking!  It was good to see my team mates, and meet some new friends.  After a very inspirational speech from one very awesome lady and group photos, we did a triple workout!

1. Insanity Workout (warmup, 10 minute)

2. Turbo Kick to the tune of Pharell’s Happy

3. PiYo!  I wasn’t expecting a pilates-yoga fusion to be so ass kicking awesome.  I’m actually signed up to become a certified instructor this Saturday, the 26th 😀


If you’d like to tag along to the next one in June, please let me know!  It’s free for non-coaches and I usually have room in my car.  It’s not a sales pitch to become a coach, just a bunch of people getting together, sharing some inspirational/motivational stuff and then getting good and sweaty!  It will be right after BB SUMIT (huge event) so we’ll get a preview of Charlene Johnson’s official PiYo Beachbody program too 🙂