Backtracking a little bit!  I wish I could figure out how to put more photos in the acutal post, but until then bear with me and click the Flickr link to see more!
In February I participated in The Great Aloha Run, which started in downtown Honolulu and ended at the Aloha Stadium.  Just over 8 miles and through Nimitz HYW, it’s a pretty huge event-over 116,000 people competed!  My girl Robin and I decided to walk it with our strollers (we were specifically told NO JOGGING with the strollers, even though plenty of people did.. I power walked my rear off at least).
It rained the whole time, Robin’s tire went flat and her son wasn’t enjoying the adventure, and it was generally not fun.  8 miles is a long way for your first race/event!
Anyways, it was definitely an experience and I’m glad I did it.  Next year- running with no stroller and hoping to cut my time by at least 30 minutes!
Our walking time was 2 Hours, 31 Minutes and 7 Seconds.  YeeHaw
A few more images @ Flickr-Click Me!