Aloha!  We were NOT prepared for this one, but it was fun as hell (and exhausting!).  We may have stayed up a little too late enjoying company and playing Super Mario 3 on Wii.. but anyways, our start time wasn’t until 12:31 and the 6 of us met up before hand.  Berrios and his friend took off pretty quickly, and Charlie and I tried to keep a decent pace.  I have never gone up and down so many stairs in my life, lol!  We had to carry buckets full of water, hoist a tire hanging over the bridge by a rope, climb a rope, throw a spear, throw a ball into a trash can, do 30 pushups, 30 box jumps, climb over three walls, under one, and along another using hand and foot blocks spaced decently far apart, cross monkey bars.. all in all I think there was 15 obstacles over the three mile course.  It was so awesome to finish, that we actually signed up to do the sprint (5k) super (10k) and Beast (1/2 marathon) on August 16-17 (yep- 24 miles and 75 obstacles in 2 days!)
This time, i will be prepared.  Starting with pull-ups and burpees!
Finishing time:  1 Hour, 12 Minutes and 52 Seconds.  I really appreciate my husband for staying with me the whole time and encouraging me!  Team Rebelution!
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