cropped-img_8225.jpgHi!  This is my new website, since as great as Facebook is for social sharing, it’s just not quite comprehensive enough for everything I want to share with you!
I have struggled with my weight on and off since I was in elementary school (although, I didn’t really realize it or care then- I was a kid having fun and loving my coco-puffs!).  As I got older, I went through phases of being strong and lean (sports in high school, growth spurts) and chunking it up for a while.  When I got in my first serious relationship post high school, the pounds started packing on- to the point of a great deal of anxiety and depression (two things that, in my case, only make the problem worse!).  I started a job where the whole team worked out on our lunch breaks and after work, and got down to a lean, mean, 124 pounds and looked GREAT!
Of course, if you don’t keep up with a healthy lifestyle, and go back to your old habits, well, you’ll go back to your old self.  Which is exactly what happened after a long period of substance abuse and a lifestyle I’m not proud of.  As of February, 2010 I officially cleaned up my act.  I met my now husband later that year, made another beautiful baby, and completely have changed my life!  I started going to a gym and working out with a trainer, eating better and more “real” foods.  I bounced back from post-pregnancy super quickly and was so happy with my results!
Once again, after my husband finished his basic training and advanced training for the Army and we moved back in together after 5 months (and to Hawaii no less- the official bikini state) my new life as a stay at home mom began to show itself- my fat pants were now tight, and forget about my skinny jeans!
Needing to make a change I saw someone advertising shakeology samples on a local trade group and thought why not?  Needless to say- It was love at first taste.  I attended a local coaches event to check out the business and decided to sign up as a coach with Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack, thinking I’d mainly just be doing it for the discounted prices on the shakes and programs.
Now I have a team of coaches under me who love sharing the product!  Most of them started off as customers like me.  There is nothing more rewarding than hearing that you helped change someone’s life.  Hearing someone was able to get off certian medications, can run a 5k, chase their kids at the park, or just be in less pain is the best compensation in the world.
I always knew I wanted to be a part of the fitness world- I’m a Nutrition Major at the University of Alabama (currently taking a break from school while my husband focuses on his major and career), had a blog previously called moms vs muffin tops (I sitll love that name!) and invite anyone over to my house to come workout with me!  On the weekends we try to do hikes and Hawaiian adventures when babysitting can be arranged, and I ran my first 5k obstacle course in March (Spartan Sprint!).  Next saturday, April 5th, I’m doing my first 10K!  And in August we are signed up for the Spartan Trifecta- 2 days, 22 Miles of intense obstacles (broken down into a half-marathon day one, and a 5 and 10k day 2).  Insane?  Yes!  But before beachbody and the amazing support I’ve received, I would never have imagined myself able to accomplish these things!
SO, thank you for making it to the end of my novel!  I hope that I can help insipre you, and likely you inspire me!  Feel free to contact me, day or night, with questions, motivation, tips, or just to chat.
Candice MacDonnell
Myfitness pal name: MrsMacDonnell
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Mahalo and Aloha!