1911055_4086576659197_5221806058698163136_oMy first 10k!  I honestly did not run once since the 23’rds Spartan Sprint.. lol.  How great am I at preparing for things!?

I will say, I ran for 10+ minute intervals (never happened before!) and my 5k time was about a minute better than my first Cross Country event in high school.  Not terrible for being 10 years older. We started at the foot of the bridge, and ran a huge clockwise circle on the roads that follow the permitter of the island.  Cool running past the Mighty Mo’ and all the old buildings.  I’m surprised they haven’t remodeled them- some of them look in pretty bad shape.  Veterans were nice enough to hand out little Flags so I stuck one in my camel back around Mile 2.  Since I had my hydration system I didn’t have to stop at the water stations, but pretty much traffic got congested there.  There was a guy who went down around mile four, hope he is okay 😦  It was decently warm (high 70s low 80s) and maybe he didn’t hydrate well, or pushed himself too hard.  I didn’t see the details.

My final time was 1 Hour 17 minutes and a few seconds, I haven’t seen where to find the official results yet.  Woop Woop dude was there, plus a whole interesting variety of people.  One older guy had a Ford Island Bridge Run shirt from ’99, another looked like Carrot top wearing a speedo.  Lol.  I had a blast!  It was a little scary doing something all by myself, but I dove in headfirst.  Hubs was apparently pretty proud of me and told his office all about how cool I am (:

I’m ready for the next thing!  I think we might try a hike next weekend, and possibly skydiving for our friend’s birthday on Easter!

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v Here is a cool break down of the route, elevation and mile times. v

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