As you all know, late December Beachbody did it again with an all new P90X3- 30 minute workouts designed to kick your a## into the best shape of your life.  The results are in- it’s amazing.  If you haven’t gotten to experience it, I highly recommend watching a youtube video from it or finding a friend who owns a copy- it could be what you’re missing in your life.  Until JAN 31 receive $25 off the challenge pack- that’s a total of $96.54 in individual savings.


If you’re terrified of P90X, or anything that seems like it requires pushups and pull-ups (I promise it doesn’t hurt that bad and you won’t get manly arms ladies!) it’s okay- we’re about to announce something a little less intense.

21 Day fix is a program designed to take the “work” out of eating healthier.  Portion control containers combined with a moderate fitness program have shown great results in test groups so far- many people lost up to 15 pounds and 13 inches in their first round!  This is being released February 3rd and my team will be hosting a challenge group.  Don’t miss out on being one of the first to change your life forever.


The value introductory price of this challenge pack will be 130- which is the price of shakeology alone- so you’re getting the $60 dollar program for free!  Contact me for more information.’

One last big one!  Slim in 6, one of the original BB programs is on sale currently for 50% off!  Get it while it’s hot!


Hope your new year is rockin’