Well, I was told it would get worse before it got better and that sure was an understatement.  The shot they gave me the previous night actually lasted the full six hours (and worked wonders) so I was able to stretch my pain medicine until the morning, at which time Charlie took the kids down to TAMC and picked up my refill.  They weren’t kidding when they stated it was a jug waiting for me- lol.  After he returned to dope me up and make sure I was as happy as could be, the trio left and headed to the bike shop in Honolulu again.  Char picked up “uncle Omar” to help with the kids and finished filling out paperwork.  Now all that is left pretty much is to sign once his new baby arrives off the boat and he will have wheels again!

Kids came back in one piece! GJ Omar 🙂


Charlie’s new wheels!

I was able to sleep most of the morning, and when they returned I still dozed off and on.  The meds make me very sleepy, and unfortunately very itchy too.  If I wasn’t hurting so much I would probably try to forgo them all together 😦

In the evening I successfully ate a small amount of Velveeta Shells and Cheese with hamburger mixed in.  It was good, but I think it upset my stomach afterwards.  More half-sleeping and playing with LR until Charlie was ready for bed.  I actually spent the night in bed instead of propped up on the couch- it was nice to be snugly but I think I wasn’t upright enough so I was more sore when I woke up.  Nathan woke up in the middle of the night really upset so I put him in the bed with us.. this was what I woke up to this morning 😀