Well, day 2 is almost in the bag. While in general I’ve felt better today, I have been in worse pain. After making the mistake of indulging in 2 cups of ice cream last night I leaned my lesson and stuck with Apple sauce, Popsicles and Gatorade today. I bravely are a piece of deli turkey, which was extremely hard to swallow. Around dinner time I finally asked for spaghettios wanting something solid in my system.

Charlie took a trip to Honolulu and Nathan went to Sam’s for a little bit so I could rest. Once they got back I actually slept better lol. Charlie called the ENT clinic twice trying to get a refill (seriously- how are you going to give only enough medicine for 36 hours? After being repeatedly told how long the recovery and pain time is…) so after they closed and still no response, we took a trip to acute care center. There, I was scolded for drinking red powerade (looks like blood) and not gargling.. Neither of those things were instructed to me so whoops lol. They found out I had a script waiting at TAMC that could be picked up in the morning when they reopened, or I could get a script for a medicine that was only a quarter as effective as the Oxy. If I wasn’t in terrible pain I might have taken the second option but this shit is no joke. Of course, me only having 8 hours worth of pain meds to last 16 sucked pretty bad. The NP was able to give me a shot in the bum that helped (it was really effective!) so that way i would survive. I feel like such a big baby. I’m sure in a few days I’ll be fine. Ready to be back to myself again. Nora told me she wants me to get my mommy voice back 😥