So yesterday was the pre-op, which consisted of signing a zillion papers, peeing in a cup, and talking to a few nurses and doctors about the procedure. Nathan was good throughout the 5 hour trip 🙂

Last night (Wednesday) I received a confirmation call stating to arrive no later than 0630 and my surgery was scheduled at 0800 if everything went according to plan. I took out all my body jewelry- it was so strange to be “sterile”.

After dropping the kids off at Sandy’s house at 0545 we rushed to TAMC and made it just in time. Traffic is nuts here!


After signing more papers (and realizing they have me down as an aloe Vera allergy- lol strange) we were sent to wait a bit. Plants vs zombies 2 helped keep my mind off things but by this point I was pretty nervous. Finally a nurse came and had me change into my sexy gown and showed us to the preop room. A very nice captain nurse anesthesiology student blew up a few veins and got my IV started. The doctor came in, introduced himself to Charlie and took me back- I honestly don’t even remember leaving that room.

I am told they hooked up the respirator, IV, started the drip and put me out. Then some method was used to pull those nasty lymph balls out of my throat through my mouth and the remaining tissue was cauterized. I was then woken up and the tube removed once I could nod In response (thankfully don’t remember). I vaugly do remember being in the first post op room but it’s fuzzy. Then I was rejoined with Charlie in a regular hospital room with tv (yay! Cleveland show!) and given as many freeze pops as I wanted. The pain meds were still IV at the time so no more than slight discomfort. I refuse to check out the wound so Charlie got a good look at it and was giving instructions and what to expect. After a total of 4 hours in recovery I was wheeled outside and allowed to leave. Charlie took me home, set me up with some applesauce and powerade and got the babies. They sure were happy to see mommy 🙂

The rest of the night I dozed off and on and watched Brave with Nora. I guess everyone went to bed while I was still awake because I woke up at 2240 with considerable pain. Charlie has alarms set to make sure I take my meds every 4 hours so I wobbled upstairs, realized I was only 5 minutes early, and turned off the alarm for him. He’s a tired boy (and excited too- tomorrow he is going to look at a new motorcycle).

I dozed off again for a bit and woke up at 1 when I heard Lola’s light turn off. Poor Charlie thought he had forgot about me :).

Well, it’s now 330 and I’m going to try to sleep a little more. The meds have kicked in and the words are getting fuzzy. Forgive any grammatical errors!