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While the temperature hasn’t changed much- a little cooler at night mostly- there is a sense of fall in the air.  People have finally started decorating their yards/homes, the stores smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon (and already have Christmas trees set up.. geez), and even though we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, I don’t feel summer-y anymore.

I’ve gone sixteen years without snow and a true fall,  I think three more is a small sacrifice to be here.  (okay, I’ll stop bragging now!)

Nathan has offically turned two, and BOY has the terrible-two moster begun to rear it’s ugly head.  He has a good arm, and likes to punch sissy/walls/mom and dad/my plants.  Which is followed by a time out session.  Today, after it happening three times, I fake punched him back in the army- not enough to hurt, but his feelings sure did get dented!

I’ve turned my house into some sort of unofficial day care this past week since there is no school.  So I have Nora (5) Izza (5) Noah 3) and Nathan (2).. plus the occasional neighborhood child who wanders into the group.  After 3 there might as well be 10.

Super kids?

The girls have, for some time now taken blankets and played as if they were capes.  One day I got tired of helping tie them around their necks, so I pulled out 2 old pink towels from my madre and cut triangles into the sides, leaving about 1.5” for the tie.  They loved them!  Eventually I’ll get around to sewing letters to distinguish who’s is who’s.  OF course, Nathan was super jealous and had to have one too.


My blonde mini-me

Nora is turning into such a little lady.  She is very much like me when I was younger- artistic and imaginative.  She’d rather play My Little Pony or Spidergirl than talk about boys (ew!) and be dramatic.  Speaking of dramatic….


More to come later.  I’ve re-downloaded 30/30 and included half an hour to update BOTH blogs DAILY.  (gasp- daily posts? maybe..)

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