I’ve read a lot of posts recently on FIC about how people hate their neighbors or have rude people living next to them.. and can’t make friends.  It is surprising to me, since I’ve been so fortunate.  Maybe it’s just because I’m outgoing or put myself out there.  Saturday we had 2 sets of neighbors over, drank a few beers and watched silly YouTube videos, it was great!  Don’t get me wrong- I’ve met a fair share of snooty bitches, but it’s no thing to ignore them as easily as they ignore me.  I’m not trying to win any popularity contests, and honestly I’m such a hermit keeping up with the 6 or 7 good friends I’ve made is trying enough 🙂

My friend from back home posted about making burgers with Ramen noodle buns the other night, and Charlie HAD to try it.

Double Burger with Pan-friend Ramen buns

You cook the ramen as directed, then wrap it and chill it in the refrigerator for a few minutes.  Then you pan fry it with an egg.  I’m sure we could have made it a little more bun-like (maybe used less?) anyway it was pretty epic.

I also got to experience a Beach Body Super Saturday- coaches group.  Team Hawaii!  It was at a person’s beautiful canal house (I didn’t know Hawaii had any canals!) and we got to stroll down it on a barge while learning about the business, then got to preview and workout to the unreleased P90X-3.  I was the only guest there and met a lot of cool people!  I am signing up this week to coach- I’m stoked!


Well, it’s 11:25 local time and 5:45 comes way too early.  See you in the AM!