Once again, I find that I disappeared.. not on purpose, just so much going on.  Well, after arriving safely in Hawaii and getting our house with the temporary “things”, much has changed!

Nora started kindergarten this month.  Wow!  It’s actually week 3 for her.. she loves it!   I also landed a job (not planned!) at her elementary school as a PPT (paraprofessional tutor).  I work with small groups or individually with the kids helping with reading and math.  I am in the 1st grade and let me tell you- 6 year olds are the sweetest!  I get a zillion hugs daily!  And for the most part the children really want to learn and do work, so that helps too.  Especially since this is my first job in the school setting.. ever.  I honestly didn’t expect to get hired- I applied on a whim since the requirement was an associates degree and I happen to have one laying around.

We received our HHG (house hold goods) last month also.. wow.  For the most part everything made it.. just missing a few odds and ends.  My ugly desk did not survive the trip though.  The kids are much happier with their things and clothing.  Nathan has taken to sleeping in a toddler bed like a champ!

Also!  We have obtained a new pet!  This one doesn’t require potty training and is also hairless.. a tortoise!  Lolita aka Lola!  She is precious!  We let her out nightly to get exercise as long as she is feeling up to it.. so freaking adorable!

Nathan got his first hair-cut Saturday night.  Mohawk for real!  His little blonde curlz almost are undetectable but its so silly ❤

I have started watching my neighbor’s child, who is in Nora’s kinder class.  Izabella.  Her mom is a single soldier so I watch her from about 6am till 5pm and walk her to school with Nora.  Since I work there it’s even better- take kids to school then get paid to hang out with little’s.  Deal.

I was supposed to have a tattoo appointment Tuesday the 20th but because of all that is going on I’ve rescheduled.  Good luck getting DLA in Hawaii btw- IDK what the problem is but they are so backwards with paperwork.  Char actually got hand picked and transferred from Trans platoon to headquarters, where he does paperwork instead now.


Anyways, just a short update.  Laters!