Char is finally finished with WTT. While he missed it by 8 push ups and 10 minutes on the 12mi ruck march, he passed all the technical infantry training lanes within the time limits. I’m very proud! Only 26 out of about 2500 soldiers passed it and no jnco’s

Watched Robins kids today while she had an interview. They’re so silly 🙂 4 kids is a lot though! I can’t imagine having four of my own.

Got char and I new ID cards at Pearl Harbor today also! WOOO. Now a little relaxing and then we are down for the count.

My finger finally has scabbed and I can let it breath. Tg! My er doc called to check on me, that was surprising and nice.

We met Nora’s kindergarten teacher today, Ms. Blocker. She is so sweet! Nora is gonna love her. I go for my paraprofessional teacher interview Tuesday.. I’m a little nervous and undecided if its what I really want, but it seems like a great experience and the extra money would be nice.