How come the day I drop out I turn into a study buddy? Lawl.. anyways it’s cute and worth it. It is funny, I get almost as much anxiety listening to Hubs talk his way through his study book for EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) as I did thinking about homework. I really am allergic to school.

Though, I really think it would be awesome if he gets it. Even though he isn’t infantry his unit does this yearly and if he gets 10/10 “GO”s then he will get awarded a badge from the Commander in front of the whole battalion. Pretty nifty ❤

Last night I dyed my hair! It's purdy, and I love it.



Also, yesterday I hit up a thrift shop and got THE COOLEST THING EVER. Every kid needs a bouncy dinosaur. Fo real.


Okay, I’m not bragging.. much.. but how cool is this? HUGE, huge, huge rainbow! I love it, every day I swear I see one.

Along with some other cool toys. I figure they have to wait till the 12th they need some new stuff to keep them occupied. The 10 things or so I brought with us are getting boring I’m sure. Then again, anything Nathan has is like freaking gold to Nora…


I got to meet up with Leilani today! She is so flipping funny, and her son Riker is adorable! We had lunch at the Px and did a little shopping. I thought I was the only one who’s mind wandered so much, she is my Asian twin! I can’t wait to hang out more soon.


Night WP.