My, this Hawaiian red dirt! Apparently, even though my husband is NOT infantry, he is training with infantry. Which I can tell he really enjoys. Last night was land nav, today honestly I don’t even remember since the kids were going crazy and I was half out of it from my long day. But basically he is having fun doing soldier things and excited to be in the field. After these next two weeks and his leave he will start actually driving things, I believe if I heard correctly.

Speaking about my long day- wow. I’ve been taking the sleep-part of common sleep aids- think tylenol PM minus the PM? It’s generic so I don’t remember what to compare it to. But the great thing is it works- almost too good. When wake up time comes it’s kind of like everything is staticky and fuzzy and easy to tune out. I guess that’s why I’m finally sleeping well, yeah? Anyways- it takes me a little longer than usual to get motivated and fully awake in the morning. If you know me, you realize that it already takes me a good hour and three cups of coffee, so I’m not sure if getting good sleep is a fair trade off.

(by the way- Common Rider’s Midnight passenger just came on, brining me back to High School days)

So, after I was awake and quarantined the children and showered, dressed, made up, etc- started finishing filling out Nora’s school enrollment forms and go figure, her shot record and physical are missing. I KNOW I had it less than 10 hours ago because I was texting a friend who just went through the process here, and was examining the paperwork. Fuu. After a partial panic attack I find it … under my Binder… /sigh.
Get the kids out the door, walk to the school, they’re on lunch break. Head home, give kids a snack, talk on the phone to family with a horrible signal, head BACK to the school. Luckily everything went well, other than Nora will need a TB test before school starts since apparently FL only tests IF you are at high risk.

From the elementary we walked the mile to the Px/Commissary area and met up with a friend I had been talking to on Facebook/text/FIC for a few months. She rocks! It’s good to have another funky-ass friend, since I was starting to feel a little out of place. Not that my new friends made me feel ostracized at all, just it’s cool to have someone to hang out with that kicks around in converse and a Ninja Turtle backpack in addition to the awesome girly friends I’ve made 🙂 Best of both worlds balances me out, yeah?

By that time, I had calmed down and life was once again awesome. We did a little necessity shopping and had lunch. Luckily she’s moving 2 streets over, so all my peeps are relatively close. Nora and I trudged back (while Nathan slept in his stroller) which she wasn’t super excited about.. at least the kids each got a new toy. I packed 2 suitcases of their stuff, but it really isn’t much and with the 5ish weeks still to wait for the movers I figured they needed something shiny to play with. Once I got home another super cool chick delivered us a microwave!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I *don’t* cook with my microwave.. but reheating coffee stovetop blows. And I can’t seem to perfect stovetop broccoli. So this is a lifesaver, and once mine arrives I will auction off one of them.

Charlie came home dirty again, and I think his ACUs (2 pair now!) are fucked. I’ll have to pick up some oxy clean to see if that works.. I guess as long as he has one nice pair..

We also found out he is working through this weekend :/ I was going to rent a car and take us around to the beaches and relax, but I suppose duty first and that can wait till the following weekend.

Nathan had a MAJOR meltdown at dinner tonight. He was throwing food on the floor and we took away his plate- bam, you’d think we had beaten the kid. Even giving his plate back didn’t really solve it. I’m wondering if he is getting an ear infection again? I have to make doctor appointments tomorrow for early next week.

Night, WordPress. See you in the A.M…..