Good evening world! I’m still getting used to the fact everyone back “home” is 6 hours ahead- meaning while it’s still June 10th here, its 6am the 11th there. Like, on New Years, the Ball drops at 6pm here? So silly, it makes me smile a bit.

Anyways, today Char had another field training ex- Day and Night Land Nav again. Basically 8am till midnight out in the Hawaiian “jungle” trying to find random points using compasses and azimuths. And No, I can’t explain what an azimuth is, I got lost on that one.

I walked Nora up to her new elementary school and picked up a packet to enroll her- which I need to do first thing tomorrow. Luckily I brought her shot records and physical form on the plan with me, making my life MUCH easier. A friend was describing going through the process for her daughter and that’s one less headache I need in my life right now 🙂

Nathan is beginning to show his terrible twos. He is a very smart kid- so when I tell him “no” he knows exactly what I mean. He just enjoys testing me. Until I send him to time-out, which he does comply.. even though he screams his head off and tries to wrench my heart. Lol. I wonder what the neighbors think. I swear both the kids were just acting insane all day- stomping up and down the stairs, getting into things (especially Nora who knows what is not allowed!) and destroying the house. Le sigh. Such is motherhood.

By 8 pm I had enough and since they had taken an early bath put them both to bed. I’m starting to buy into this whole 7:30 bedtime my friend swears by. Crankers! That gave me time to SCRUB, and really SCRUB the house. All the floors got swiffered extra well after a thorough sweeping, table tops and counters, walls where sticky fingers had left marks. Laundry, bathrooms- the whole nine yards. Which, come to think about it, is basically what I do every day anyways, just a little more intense. Not that you really want to read about my slightly OCD cleaning habits!

Since then I’ve worked on my Army (I’m a huge Spartan Wars addict), made breakfast (exploded blueberry muffins) and lunch for Char tomorrow and listened to my “Death Cayucus and the Tantrums” Pandora creation.

Speaking of music- I tuned into WJRR 101.1 (orlando) on iHeart Radio earlier today- so strange!

I finally got off my ass and joined the Hawaii swap sites- and SCORE! Microwave for 20$, which is exactly what I wanted to pay for it. Since I do own one.. just not for another 5 weeks or so. And re-heating coffee stovetop style BLOWS.

I’ve also had much more time to be active in the social communities I’m in on Facebook- Army wife related mostly. It’s nice, because even though I don’t know most of the girls other than a few from Benning in person, we have bonded throughout Charlie’s journey.

I miss my Mary Berry. I don’t think she reads this, but I wish I could pack her ass onto a plane and give her my spare room. Blah :/ Really one of the only things I miss about Florida, other than my family.

I have a busy day planned tomorrow- meeting up with another lady I met through FIC and FB Army groups in person, dropping off paperwork, hopefully faxing some stuff and hitting the commissary. I thought buying 2 loaves of bread at Costco was a little excessive, but making Char’s lunch (which consists of 2-3 sandwiches along with Vienna sausages, crackers and strawberry moon-pies at the moment) we have been flying through the stuff! Probably going to rent wheels because I don’t see Nora being okay with walking that distance… and then I can buy more stuff at the Comm. and not worry about having to go back in a few days.

Aaand.. the big thing.
School. I’m taking a break. Mid-semester, yes. I don’t have a desktop, the patience, the free time, or the focus. Am I worried if I stop I’ll never go back? Maybe a little. But, even if it took me 9 years of on/off to get my A.A. degree, I did finish. And when the time is right, I’ll finish my B.A. the problem is, even at 26 I *STILL* don’t know what I wan’t to be when I “grow up”. I like nutrition, yes. But with Char active army, and planning on making a career of it, I don’t have the drive or love of the field at the moment to fight for grades and internships that could mean me moving across the country for 6 months. Or really, the financial ability to do that.
I’ll figure it out. I’m sure some people will be disappointed with me, but guess what? It’s my life, my decision. While Char wasn’t thrilled about it, he saw it coming and definitely agrees that the timing and situation is making it near impossible for me to do homework and tests.

So, we will see what happens next. All I know is that I’m pretty excited to be living in paradise, with my beautiful little family. Life is good- and I can only see things going up from here