Woo! After being on the island since June 19th, we finally have settled in our sweet new home and achieved a real internet connection today.

The house is awesome! I wasn’t expecting to upgrade, moving on post and to Hawaii, where housing is crazy expensive. It is about 1500 sq ft, 2 story town home. There are four units to a building, but we are on the end so we only have neighbors on one side. 2.5 Bath and a 1.5 car garage! I adore it- It may not be much bigger than our last home, but it is set up so the space is much more usable. Did I mention it’s a four bedroom? Crazy! I get a room just for crafts/studying/etc.

The neighbors I’ve met seem alright. I was lucky enough to meet a few AMAZING ladies on Facebook before we arrived, and I don’t know what i would have done without them, especially Sandy. She had just gone through the same thing, so it was amazing to have her send over blankets, pots, a coffee maker.

While we’ve only been here a few weeks, we have gotten to enjoy the beach (Waikiki, Ko Olina Lagoons, and Sunset Beach), spend a little time in Honolulu, and have multiple play dates and get to know some of the other families. It’s awesome being around people who are in the same place as you.

Nathan has started talking up a storm all of a sudden! He says Uh-oh, baby, mine (ugh), no, oh yeah, Mom, Da Da and a few others. He also knows what bye bye means, how to get his shoes or a specific toy I’ll ask him to get, show his belly, cheese for the camera, go in time out. He is so freaking smart!

Nora is adorable as ever also. She has had a blast playing at the beach with her new friends. She is also super excited to start school, because her elementary happens to be purple with a nice playground! Speaking of playgrounds, they are EVERYWHERE! It’s awesome. If fact, I’m meating up with the girls in the morning to take the kids to a playground/splash pad.

Well, it’s bedtime now for the littles and then I’m going to watch a little Pretty Little Liars (I’m on season 1) before I crash too.

Night! XO!