(Kentucky-Illinois Welcome center)


(Memorial Day street fest in Atlanta)


(Tennessee Highway)


(So Illinois farmland)


(Tennessee Near Nashville)


(Cool Bridge in Kentucky)


(Southern Tennessee)



Having lived the last 16(!) years in Florida, I forget how different the rest of the states are.  Really.. driving through Florida is 90% Flat, green, covered in this creeping vine, and boggy.  So it was cool to see mountains and different elevation- there was a run-away truck ramp at one part where the grade was -6%!

How I made it up there in 18 hours straight only stopping for food/restrooms in unknown to me.. lots of Monsters and Mini-thins.  Going through ST. Louis at night in a horrible thunderstorm (same night as the Oklahoma disaster) was not fun.. driving 40 on hilly interstates through the city and being almost blind.  Other than that, it was smooth sailing.  I made it through Atlanta both times with no traffic issues, and Nashville going up there was only backed up about 20 minutes.

The lodging I stayed at at Fort Leonard Wood (IHG Army Hotels) was awesome!  Clean, cute, well taken care of, and amazing help.  Dei Dei at the front desk was adorable ❤


(Dandelion!  Haven’t seen one of these in a while :D)


(Me.  Super-rad.. And the Kitchenette)




(From the parking lot, one of the buildings of Morrisey Heights)


(Office/Chest/TV/Dining area)


(View from Kitchen and door)

Coming home was a different story.  I didn’t leave Leonard Wood until about 3pm Friday, after a few tears and big goodbye hugs, and Char giving me the lost puppy dog eyes as I drove away.  Regal, soldier lost puppy eyes.  I made it out of the post, stopped at a gas station and remembered to grab a few OE 80’s (40 oz, something you can’t get down here.  Hell, they have liquor right when you walk in the gas station up there!  Crazy!  Hit the road.. my goal was to stay somewhere in downtown Nashville, but I didn’t actually plan ahead so when I finally made it there, sleepy and shocked (I got “buzzed” by about 40 sport bikes) I couldn’t find ANY hotels in downtown.  I am blind though.. landed at a super 8 and holiday inn, the Holiday wanted 130 for a double room so I walked over to Super 8.  I should have known.. the rooms were open to the street/pool which I swore I wouldn’t stay at, but being that tired I didn’t care.  The room was DISGUSTING.  Extremely.  Ripped bed-cover, nasty shower, cockroaches.  The carpet had stains.. I don’t like to think of myself as high maintenance but c’mon. When you would rather sleep in your car than a king-sized bed, you know something is wrong.  It was like a murder/hooker room.

I went back to the front desk after working up the courage, and told him I couldn’t stay.. he looked at me like I turned a trick!  He said it had been “almost 30 minutes” since I checked in and no refund.. he could give me a different room though.  Seriously?  This was at 1am.. tears in my eyes I just threw the card key back at him and walked out to my car.  I made it to Murfreesboro and found a Hilton Double Tree.  Complete 360. Or 720, whatever.  Warm chocolate chip cookie, luxurious shower and room. . huge clean bed with 5! pillows.  Much better.. I slept like a baby for only about 25$ more…  Stupid super 8.


(Cookies make everything better)


(the outdoor part of the pool)

Needless to say, I survived and made it home in one piece, even if I left a part of my heart in MO.  I know he will be home soon though, and after all this time what’s another week or two.