We finally finished this journey!  In a few short days my husband will graduate and I can scoop him up and take him home, not for the 10 days originally planned but actually 16!  Crazy luck!

The last couple of weeks have been spent (a) worrying about everything, mainly forms (b) filling OUT forms for the military, mostly EFMP.  This has included doctors visits, checkups, emailing, scanning, pulling hair out, etc (c) cleaning.  Constant cleaning and feeling like a freaking hamster on a wheel since every time I turn around a child or animal has created a new mess right where I just finished polishing (d) worrying and cleaning some more (e) rinse, repeat


Having Amber (my husband’s battle from basic’s wife) come down to visit was so much fun!  I keep forgetting to post pictures.

I’ve taken a liking to Rift.  AAAAANnnnd I picked up the ENTIRE Star Wars Lego Saga for 14$ at Target!  Insanity ❤

Other than MY stuff everyone is packed for being away from home.  I just need to figure out what four (let’s not lie, i’ll end up with 7-9) outfits I’m bringing  and throw a game console and Mr. Juice-Man in the trunk.  I need to still pick up an atlas just for shits and grins, and take the kid’s DVD system out.

Also.  I’ve always considered myself to be a type-B person.. maybe after having kids I’ve slowly shifted somewhere in there towards A.  Yes, I still lose everything, I leave certain matters to last minute and I don’t plan my week in advance much.  Yet, if someone says they’re coming over at XX:XX, and not only can’t answer my text to confirm, call, or bother to show up until 4-5 hours later?  That pisses me off.. and it’s something that happens OFTEN.  Then, I end up never making plans because Party “B” doesn’t like to be in the same breathing space with Party “A” and Party “A” can’t be bothered to make plans or keep them until the very last minute, where as Party “B” will call a few days prior and actually show up.  I understand both want to see me/kids but I can’t make everyone happy.  grumble.

Time to rinse off this lifter and see what color my hair is now.. hopefully bright enough to pull something like this off :

How-to-Wear-Purple-Highlights-Hairstyles-Haircuts-and-Hair(minus the curls.  Curls and me just don’t mix)