Saturday was just.. Bleh.  Charlie and I had an argument over something silly, I was feeling down and dumpy, things were getting to me.

So I took a random beach trip!  Even though the forecast said 60% chance of T-storms, I needed OUT of the house.  Without telling anyone my plans (I didn’t want to hear about driving my rental car the distance, or the weather, or anything) I took off.  Charlie didn’t even know until I was sitting in the Daytona McDonald’s getting the kid’s some lunch and waiting for the weather to clear up that I was there, ha.


(gray skies when we arrived)







(little surfer girl)


(bubbles!  From the ocean!)

I’ll admit, we drove through some rain and I almost turned around.  But, I figured it’s only an hour drive, and Florida is known for it’s bipolar weather.  Unfortunately, Nathan wasn’t feeling beach, and the water was super rough.  Nora still had a great time chasing the surf and practicing her moves.  It was so great to get some fresh air!  The surf was so foamy that it looked like someone emptied a bottle of DAWN in the ocean.  Crazy!  As much as I like the beach, here it’s kinda dirty.  The Gulf side is a lot prettier (in my opinion), and I can only imagine Hawaii’s beaches!  Hopefully they’re not Daytona-ized.

After a good 2 hours we trekked back, feeling refreshed.  I even had enough energy from the trip to mow the lawn!  Crazy true story.

Anyways, Charlie and I kissed (well, virtually I guess) and made up.  Here are a few pics of him and his buddies from AIT.



(2nd from right in both)

Fine lookin’ soldiers!  Glad he has a group of people he can relate to there.  All this week 25T is doing a field training exercise and won’t have their phones.  It’s only four full days, and I thought I would be a lot more upset about it.  I guess after 10 weeks of zero contact this is no biggie- and I was well prepared for it, we knew about it weeks ago.  He passed his final APFT this morning!  He didn’t get the 270 that he was hoping for, but he still made improvements (256 I think was his score-he said after he knew he didn’t quite make 90’s on PU and SU he slacked a little on the run) and I’m so proud of him!  He will have plenty of time in Hawaii to get his PT badge ❤

to be continued…