As hard as AIT can be at times, it’s the moments where I’m on the phone with my husband and his silliness comes out.. talking to his roommates.. it makes me feel like the distance isn’t really there.

More packing!  I hate packing.. I really forgot how terrible I am at it.  I figured after 13 moves in 5 years I wouldn’t be so bad, but now I remember the gory details.  After about 3 boxes of organized stuff, I would just throw stuff anywhere.  Not gonna fly this time around, so I better have a talk with my former self and set it straight.

So far, I have ONE box.  Full of C’s shirts all rolled up hot-dog style (he taught me that during BCT Grad).  With picture frames nestled in-between layers of the hot-dog shirts.  *accomplished*

And one box, that previously held some sort of produce, has all of the board games.

Not much progress, but I have 15 days left to get 80% or so packed.  While C is here on leave we’ll pack up the rest of the things- the stuff that I actually use on a daily basis, and decide what will be carry on.

Garage sale next weekend!  Going to have to get rid of A LOT of stuff.  It really is amazing how much *stuff* you accumulate over 2 years!

Nathan has double ear infections, so I have been up since 0600 this morning.. I think it’s about bed time.

See you in the AM!