So!  This is my last real week of class this semester, and I only have 2 homework assignments left.  And to study for 2 exams -_-

At least I *SHOULD* end up with B’s in both.  Not great, but not terrible after surviving BCT and AIT with 2 kids and a zoo!

Still up in the air about doggers.  Def not an option to take him to HI- or on any base for that matter.  I looked at the housing application form and they’re super strict, and a vet will determine the breed before allowed on base.  He is being a weenie tonight and keeps wanting outside, then inside, and then walking around and looking out the windows and whining.  Weirdo.  The doors are all locked, and I can’t see anything that would be upsetting him.

My girl ASHLEIGH gets to see her hubby tomorrow!  How exciting!

So, hometown recruiting is out of the question for us.  Hubby finally got a real answer from one of his sergeants  and apparently 58th trans BN does not sign off on HR, and therefore unless you already had it in your contract you’re screwed.  Partly might be because AIT is so short?  Oh well.  I’ll just make sure everything is ready to go as soon as he gets paper orders, so I can overnight forms and get on housing and set up movers.  I’m not waiting WEEKS before I follow him out there.  I’d rather live out of bags in a hotel than wait here one extra week!

Got a lot of things organized this weekend (my coupon/budget book and I LOVE ME binder).  Also had a killer workout Sat and Sun!  Today I blew out my legs.  I’m going to be hurting tomorrow.. hopefully I can still get a good workout in.  I think I’m going to start a mini-cutting diet also.. Mondays are good days to start things.  I ate dinner with my parents, and they made Chicago beef sandwiches.. so good.  Def. consumed half my calories in one meal!  Woops!

Charlie has been absolutely adorable.  I’m so glad he hasn’t changed a bit, other than being super proud and having a profound sense of duty and purpose.  He is also ready for us to be a little family again.  It’s going to be charming ❤

‘Night everyone! Lots of love.

29 more daysss! (27 and I’ll be on a plane!)




I don’t remember the name of this truck, but it’s the 5ton



His first Military-non shaved hair cut!

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The guys got to go Go-Kart racing on their pass-day

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Celebrating Duran’s Birthday with Burger King (fancy)