Well, this week and exams next.  I have exactly ONE assignment left to do!  Plus I need to try to find a farmers market by Wednesday and take a picture of myself holding some veggies, lol.

Next semester is light-  only History and English LIT2.  Boring, yeah.  But should be manageable during the move and all.  One bad thing about Hawaii being 6 hours behind?  I have to do my homework a lot earlier this semester.

Today was easy.  Woke up SO late, but got Nora to school on time (high five), hit the gym.  I did a self-APFT at Charlie’s suggestion.  21 Push-ups.. probably could have done more, but they were getting sloppy and I lost my momentum shortly after the 1 minute mark so I stopped there.  30 Sit-ups. Fail.  plus, after about 15 I couldn’t really do any correctly with my hands behind my head.  Work to do there- 50 is passing for my age group.  I did my 2MR on the elliptical, since the treadmill is not entirely realistic.  I just pumped up the resistance a little.  I made the first mile in 8:35! which is down from 9:57, down from 10:10, down from 11:30!  that’s almost three minutes cut off a mile time in three weeks!  I was aiming to finish 2 miles, but my son ‘exploded’ in the kiddie gym so I had to stop around 1.35 miles (10 mins).  Once he was taken care of, I just did a second mile in 8:38.  I’m pretty stoked.  I know when I actually hit the pavement my time will probably be a bit slower, but if I keep getting it down it’s only going to improve.  Since I quit smoking I’ve noticed a huge difference in air quality to my lungs and endurance.  I was maintaining a speed from 6.5mph to 8.5, averaging right about 7.2.  I”M excited!  GRR!

So, I also did my body-fat %.  YIKES.  31%!?  I shouldn’t be surprised, but stillll.  My goal is to get it down 5% in the next 29 days before I see Charlie face.  And continue from there.  IF everything goes well and I keep falling more and more in love with the gym and body building, who knows.. maybe I’ll follow in Fantastic Fran’s footsteps and work up the courage to do a bikini competition!  Seeing those girl’s hard work pay off was awesome!


^ Do ^


Okay, this cracked me up!!