Nathan was making sure we remembered

to bring Nora her forgotten lunch.


I have been really enjoying getting sweet wake-up text messages and phone calls from my amazing hubby.  Even at 6am, I don’t mind waking up when I hear his ringtone go off 😀

I am so ready for Nora to be done with school for the summer.  It’s a great school, but I’ll admit I had a bit of a rough time (especially in the beginning of BCT) getting her there on time, or everyday.. and I think they look at me like I’m second rate.  Most of them are professionals and in their 30s, so I already stand out as the 26 year old punk chick with tats and piercings and blue hair.


Maybe today Char will get to check his AKO and see if we have projected orders yet!  I’m so stoked!

Bumming around, working on the Facebook feed for my job and getting everything advertised for bike fest next week.  It should be a good weekend!  Every year this even grows exponentially (I think it was over 300,000 people showed up last year to itty bitty Leesburg.  It’s the 3rd most popular bike fest after Sturgis and Daytona).  Hoping for lots of $$$

I’m so fed up with my car and phone today.  SYNC has been working great.. I turn on car and Pandora or iTunes instantly start playing through my Bluetooth and speakers.  Killer.  Today, phone and car decide not to be friends anymore and I can’t even get it to work through the manual USB port.  I hate FM radio!!!  EEEeeehh.

Alrighty, back to work I go.

So sore from my workout with Chez yesterday.. but I gotta hit the GYM tonight and go nuts.  It’s BACK day ❤


Me and Chez.  Welcome to the Gun Show!!

(sorry it’s so blurry)