No one tells the wife how hard it will be.

To be alone for x amount of months during basic and AIT.

To keep up pretenses,

manage the household

try to keep the kids on the right track

pay the bills

explain to civilian friends that it’s not that bad (even when it is)

They have PT and future soldiers for the guys

But nothing for the wives to prepare for the separation,

the loneliness.

Not knowing where to turn,

and not having the one you love to tell you everything will be okay.

It’s their job to be strong and act like everything is easy

While we are supposed to put on a strong face and pretend nothing has changed.

It sucks!

Why do we do it?

Because we love them so much,

and we support them

Their decision was made for our family, not their own good.

We need to be strong

But when we cry ourselves to sleep each night

because every inch of our house reminds us of them?

It’s just another day as an Army Wife.

Cheers to the wives

Who have the unsung job.

Who hold it all together

So your freedom will be protected.

So you can sleep at night, with your loved ones at your side.