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Okay, so first the change: I made the letters private.  I don’t feel like they really contribute to what I want my blog to be about.. and now that I (sort of) have my husband back I’m feeling a little more independent and less mushy 🙂

Second, Yes, I am well aware I haven’t posted about the actual graduation, or the trip home, or anything since Charlie has made it safely to AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  Basically, other than the 2 posts I squeaked out, I’ve been exhausted this week!  Adjusting back to being home, dealing with a lot of crazy emotions, dealing with getting used to the Army changing things up as soon as I get used to them.  Monday I got a call from Charlie announcing we had by Thursday to decide whether I would be picking him up from AIT or having the government transport him to his FDS.  The obvious answer was ME, but he had heard a few tips from his 1st Sergeant or whatever that were confusing and made him think it was better to do otherwise.. I pretty much had an anxiety attack at work, cussed out Charlie through text after he fell asleep (I was working late and he was tired-it was bound to happy), then came home and wrote up a confusing post on FIC.  Thank the flying spaghetti monster for FIC!  They were able to answer my questions, sort out the misinformation Charlie had received (or heard wrong) and def. calm me down so I could make a very educated decision and response.  So things worked out okay :o)

Of course, Thursday morning C’s unit had all their cell phones taken away.  Not sure why still, other than they need to earn the privilege I guess.  So, after finally adjusting to being away from him again, and getting to text/talk a few times a day, that was kind of a punch in the face.

I had made a group on Facebook shortly before that though, and thankfully with the support of my Army wives I held my head up, didn’t bawl my eyes out, and made it though the whole, long, 36 hours (haa yes I know) until I could speak to him again.  Just like clockwork, I got a call today around 1730 central time.  So 2 hours of talk was nice!  And he had plenty to tell me about driving simulators, the test, the fact that like 12 people got rolled or kicked out of his unit ALREADY (of 109 orig.) and just basic day to day life of an 88M trainee.

He got to put in his wish-list for duty stations:
Conus: Drum, NY; Lewis, Washington State; and California (not sure the base name)
OConus: Richardson, Alaska; Germany, and Japan



Then, tonight though, he found out he should know by Friday next week his projected duty station, so whether or not they have time to consider wish lists when they pick that quickly is unknown to him.  No matter what, I”ll be excited!

A friend suggested doing a bucket list for wherever you get stationed.  I love this idea!  Find out all the cool things unique to the area and make sure you do all of them in the time you’re there.


Now it’s super late and I should be going to bed.  I’m sick and miserable.

I think I just hated bedtime so much as a child that now that I’m an adult I’m all like, FFF UUUU BEDTIME!

I”ll stay up till my eyes bleed!

You’d think at 26 I’d have grown up a little more.