I’m still pretty speechless after last week. 🙂  Reuniting with my husband, spending time with him and his family and our kids, watching him in the family day and graduation ceremonies was a lot to take in, and the emotions were all over the board.  I apologize for not posting since March 31st, but with traveling and being away from home I honestly had no time to stop and think, let alone put words together to form a sentence!

I’ll try to only post a few photos, and I’ll split the posts so they correspond with the days I was there.  Now that Charlie will have some free time he may or may not add/change/correct things I’ve posted.  I’m really excited to be past the “Boot Camp” phase and into the Advanced Individualized Training part of it.. partly because he will be in contact with me daily, and partly because he has completed the transition from civilian to soldier.  Was it hard for me to let him go?  Yes.  Is it still hard now?  You bet.  Think it will be hard in the future?  I’m positive… but seeing how dignified he holds himself, and how the ARMY “fine tuned” his already amazing personality, morals, goals, and being, I think it is well worth it.  I am glad to call myself his wife and have never been more proud of anyone before.

I will always support my soldier, my love, my life.