We started off alright, MIL was at my place around 0540 and snuggled with Nathan while I grabbed a quick shower (I didn’t roll out of bed until Char called me at 0530 and was on the phone with him till she got there).  Kids were dressed, car was packed, and we hit the road with almost no hiccups by 0730.  We made a quick stop for gas and headed North.  All in all the drive itself wasn’t bad.. I drove most of the way with MIL taking a turn for about an hour and a half.  The kids did okay, we stopped a total of four times and still made it to Columbus, GA in just under 7 hours.

That’s when the fun REALLY started.. first off, the directions MapQuest gave me apparently were mostly round-about and didn’t involve going THROUGH the base, which we did.  A nice security officer gave us a map and drew us directions.  After a few wrong turns, missed roads, and frustrating moments we finally found camp Uchee Creek.. which happens to be in the middle of NOWHERE, with no sprint service. and giant bees.  Like, really really big bees.

My bankcard was declined.. and with no way to get a cellphone signal or the “WiFi” they claimed they had, I dropped MIL and the kids off at the cabin (I had already paid for one night when I made the reservation).  Unloaded the car, tried not to stress… and decided I needed to go get a signal and figure out what to do.  By the time I got in the car and pulled out of the campground I was in tears!  Forgot to stop at the ID checkpoint-embarrassing!  Finally made it to a gas station where I was able to call Charlie.  He had received a text from me about an hour previously mentioning no service and declined bank card and was pretty worried at that point.  After he calmed me down and my “battle buddy” Amber talked me into going to her hotel, I quickly made a reservation and headed back to the campground.  I put my foot down-against other opinions- and packed the car up AGAIN, drove to the check in desk and turned in my key (they refunded my deposit, which was nice), and headed back toward the new hotel.  Unfortunately, the Meet and Greet was scheduled for 6pm and there was no way we would have enough time to get to the Fair-field and back, so we changed in a gas station, got lost again, and finally arrived  a rather frazzled mess.  Nathan wasn’t having it, so essentially I missed the meeting.  Oh well.  I met up with 2 of my army wife friends I’d met online for a few minutes and then headed toward the hotel.  While eating dinner I finally really broke down and had a moment.. Luckily I was able to talk to Charlie at that point too and he helped make things better.  Lets just say it was an early night once we got to the hotel, and everyone was exhausted.

Of course, my bank card was declined here also, but the desk attendant was so sweet and after taking one look at me told me to go up to my room and deal with it in the morning.  Lol.