Happy Easter everyone.

Honestly, holidays away from your so blow.  It could be worse, granted.  But still.  Especially since we have little kids… I really don’t get into the whole holiday spirit like Char does.. He is normally the one who hides the eggs, sets up the tree, etc.  I managed.. there are 56 eggs in plain sight around the house and the dog didn’t eat any (yet).  The Easter baskets are cute, also.. even cameo eggs!  Nora will enjoy it 🙂  I bought waaaay too much candy though, I think they will be on a sugar high for a week.

So, if I can just make it through Sunday and Monday I’ll be on my way to Georgia and that much closer to seeing my love.  It seems so soon and so far away, lol!

My mother had to drive to my house tonight to kill a HUGE cockroach.  I’m so glad she is awesome 🙂  And she didn’t question me at all when I called.  Yes, I’m pitiful and a baby.  But of all creepy crawly’s, roaches are the only thing I can’t deal with.  I think it has something to do with stepping on some huge bug when I was little and yellow goo squishing EVERYWHERE.

Just having a mellow depressing night listening to old Modest Mouse and Lumineers on YouTube.. see you in the A.M. ❤

Oh, I took a photo-reel for C.  Starting out with my dress I’ll be wearing to family day.. and ending up with, well, lol.  Eventually I’ll send him a pic or two at a time.  It did help jump-start my mood again!


Last letter sent from BCT ❤