It is insane.  I can’t believe the last 10 weeks have passed already-  not that it was easy, or that I didn’t miss Charlie every single moment of the day- but I made it.  In a few days I’ll be in the car en-route to Georgia.  I am so excited to see my love again!  The two short days we will have together will be no where near long enough, but at least the hard part of training is over.  Once he goes on to A.I.T. we should have more regular communication and I plan on visiting him half way through his training cycle.

I have sooo much stuff to do still, it’s not even funny.  Aside from packing everything we will need for the couple of days, I also need to make a couple of signs, get the house prepped for the sitter, have ample maps to anywhere we may be going… I have my outfits picked out already though, so that is one good thing!

Anyways.. I’ve gotten to talk to my love the last two nights and he sounds great (and super proud!)  He said he looks awesome in his dress blues (I knew he would…) and is so excited to see us.  Poor thing.. his phone is barely working.  I have it all set up to take him to the local sprint store near base and upgrade his POS to an iPhone 5!  No more missed text messages or cut off conversations 😀

OOOOhhkay, time to super clean the house.  I’ve made it to the gym the last two days and need to be up early if I plan on going  tomorrow.  #trying to loose three more pounds in 4 days, can i do it?#

Plus, the more I get done tonight the more time I’ll have to pack and organize everything tomorrow.



Also, I took the kids to “Taste of Chicago” today!  They were REALLY like REAL Chicago dogs!  YUM!  Of course.. Nora ate her’s with only ketchup.  But I got the traditional- tomatos, pickle spear, peppers, relish, onion, mustard.. yum!! And of course it had a poppy seed bun ❤  Will def. be going back again!