(don’t mind the hot mess of my face!)



(Ryan did some awesome color!)

Not gonna lie, the colors are soooo pretty!  I can’t wait to show Char!  He will love it.. he adored my purple last time ❤

So close to seeing my Bay again!  EEK!  I did accomplish quite a bit of stuff today, installed the portable DVD players in the car for the kids, talked to C’s mom, scrubbed the floors.  Still need to return a few things to Beall’s outlet tomorrow or Thursday and get a belt for my dress for grad, and then start packing!  HOOOAH!

I am working in the morning, so hopefully it will be decently busy and worth my time.

Had a nice, hour and 20 minute long phone call Sunday which was AWESOME!  He even had time to talk to his dad for a little, which made his day.  I could tell he is exhausted and ready for grad.  Also, telling him TA was re-instated was pretty cool, as soon as he heard that he loudly ANNOUNCED it to the whole bay, which started an uproar 😀  It pays to be a nerd!

Alas, going to scrub the house a little more before I crash for the night.