907405_2975672887297_882352742_n(while hoping/waiting for a phone call.. I suddenly got a picture message!)

After waiting ALL day.. I finally got a picture message around 7pm. SURPRISE!  Followed by a 1 hour call. ❤  So, even though my friends got calls earlier in the day, I got a much longer one 🙂  And should get another quick call (and another picture) after he finishes talking to his father.  SO EFFIN EXCITED LOVEEEE FHEII.

9 days left till Family Day.  While I know this will not be the longest we are apart, or necessarily the longest periods of time we go without communication  It has been something getting used to it.  Do I regret it?  Not really.  I’ve grown into a much stronger, independent woman without needing to be single to do so.  I can stick up for myself much better now and take a lot less shit.  I know what it means to be apart from someone you love, and I know what we have is something special.  I also will be given a lot of opportunities to be *ME* while Charlie is playing G.I Joe.  I can be Candice the painter, Candice the Gamer, Candice the sleeper… lol.  Whatever I feel like doing, whoever I feel like being is OKAY.  And that is a pretty cool freedom to have.

Getting to tell Charlie tonight on the phone that Tuition Assistance was reinstated was pretty exciting.. he loudly announced it to his whole platoon, and everyone suddenly freaked out.  Everyone had been pretty upset about it, so it was cool he got to share the good news.  Even cooler because I’m an awesome nerdy wife who keeps up with things.  A friend-of a friend who served 4 years in the ARMY was telling me things to expect today.. and I mostly wanted to punch him.  First of all, since he was the soldier, not the wife, a lot of what he said didn’t apply to me.  Secondly, I have my resources and have done a lot of research thus far and know basically what to expect and where to find more information once needed (though there are never any for-sures or knowing what you’re getting into).  That conversation happened while I was picking up dog crap.. so that might explain my edginess.

I have a lot of things to accomplish this week before our little trip to Georgia.

Lots of love to my bloggy community!

Stay classy, San Diego.


Got another 30 minutes before lights out, so that made me night!  3rd platoon has three streamers so far and had one soldier get honor soldier of the cycle (?).  Each one of the guys in his platoon chipped in 10$ to buy the guy a tablet of his choice.  Pretty cool!

His AFPT3 score was 248!  246 was his platoon average, and 240 is Bravo’s average.  Which is actually leading all the other companies!  Woooot!

He did the 2MR in 15 flat, 52 Push Ups, and 75 Sit Ups.  So proud of you bay!

Okay, time to get the kids to bed and start getting all the things on my “list” done for the week.