I think my throat must have declared war on me, since this morning swallowing luke-warm coffee has become oddly uncomfortable.  I thought my body would be celebrating the lack of smoke. I feel like I have a hedgehog stuck somewhere in my esophagus.  GRR.

Also, Nathan has had..the squirts.. for lack of a better work for the better part of a week now, and I’m getting tired of him pai-(had to go change one right then)-nting the house with his stench.

Nora is still feeling Crappy.

My Postman was incredibly sweet today thought!  He had Charlie’s letters sorted out on top of the stack for me and mentioned I had special mail ❤

The combo of getting mail and that gesture pretty much made my morning.

It is Funny, last night was St. Patrick’s day and I was stone cold sober.  I think that’s one of the reason’s I couldn’t sleep last night.  Not used to it.  Was up till 4 again, even after taking an Excedrin PM around 11 at night. /sigh


Stinkin’ Cute.  Conquering the world of literature already.