Happy Sunday, start of a new week or the end of a weekend, however you chose to look at it.  For me, it mostly consists of sleeping in, hanging out with little children and watching my phone.. as if it were going to grow legs and run away.  I have been lucky (as I mentioned before) that the last 4 Sundays have been phone-call days.  So, until the clock strikes 9pm I will be waiting, and hoping 🙂

Time to update Charlie’s letters, work on my budget- I found a great template for one, but couldn’t get it working last night so I might try again, or just steal the general layout and hit excel myself, and finish the last of the household chores that didn’t get my attention yesterday.  I’d love to mow the lawn today and wash the outside windows.. but a) need someone to keep the kids under control while I do that and b) I can’t get the hose unscrewed for the life of me.  Something tells me it should be so much easier that it was, and I shouldn’t have actually had to keep untwisting the hose during the process.  Oh well, there’s always You-tube for that (I hope? lol)

Nora has had a bellyache and was up all night, first with a fever, then a little spell of vomiting (mostly spit-the kid won’t eat if she doesn’t feel good).  So she is still posted up in my bed.  Of course, I’m pretty beat myself from staying up till 4-something AM.

I made a decent omelette this morning, with veggie-sausage links, tomato, onion, and a bit of milk.  Flipping it was a problem-I have no clue how Char managed that!  But in general it was good… until the dog ate all my leftovers. >_<

While cooking the sausage-imitators according to directions I also destroyed a pan.  How is it as soon as my husband left for the Army I became useless in the kitchen, unable to cleanly crack an egg or cook a grilled cheese sandwich! (jk-my grilled cheeses are pretty good!)

I’m thinking of taking a hint from Flickr Comments/(i love this blog) and attaching a flicker account to my blog.. maaaybe.  Just to add some other place for you internet nerds to creep! 🙂

Okay, well in lieu of a flicker account, I started a Facebook page, after getting totally distracted by this post: Yo Gabba Gabba Book which I fell in love with, and saw she had a Facebook page for her blog. * light-bulb*

Okay, back to blogging-xo




Cute new gauges!


Monsters ❤