So I am happy to announce that I’m still smoke free!  It’s been 15 hours since I smoked my very last cigarette ever.  I’m pretty stoked!  I feel better, I have accomplished a LOT more things today without constantly breaking to puff, and I’m super happy I got the nicotine patches.  They are helping a lot!

The few wonderful ladies I’ve been in contact with have helped me so much these last few weeks!  I don’t know what I would do with out you girls 🙂

So, the “fail” mentioned was simply I couldn’t get motivated this morning.  Probably because I stayed up a bit too late and drank a few too many beers (I wanted to finish off what I had so there wouldn’t be any temptation today, which could make me want a smoke).  Oh well, both the kids were under the weather also.  Nora and the dog ate almost an entire box of fiber one protein bars :/ and a roll of toilet paper got shredded too.  :SIGH:

I *finally* moved all of the Halloween and Christmas decorations out of the laundry room and into the workshop.  Took me long enough!  Also, I found a few cans that never got crushed before Charlie left for BCT and tossed them in the recycle.  Picked up trash (from the dog destroying things) and fallen oranges in the yard, got rid of a bunch of junk.  Even got pretty much caught up on dreaded laundry!

I still have some homework to do tonight, but I plan on doing that once the kids are in bed so there are less distractions.  If I want to pull off A’s and B’s this semester I really need to buckle down.  I’m pretty sure my case study I turned in yesterday on infant nutrition should be full points!

Believe it or not, the workout I did yesterday left me pretty sore today.  I was disappointed because I ran out of time and felt like I didn’t hit as much weights as I wanted to (and only got 12 minutes of cardio in).  It was fun though, because my friend went with me and I showed her some neat stuff to do without using the machines.  She sent me a text letting me know she was hurting today!  LOL.  Maybe I will go for my PT certification eventually.  It’s fun showing someone different workouts!

I know my sweet husband will be so proud to hear I’ve finally committed to quitting smoking.  He was getting on me about that for a while, and I promised I would before he graduated Basic.  HOOAH.

This weekend I have a gala/fundraiser to attend for my daughter’s Montessori school.  I’m excited, but a little nervous.  It’s definitely not my crowd–most of the parents there are pretty high society.  It will be a good networking opportunity though for Marketing, and I have a hot date (a good friend of mine) so I’m sure it will be fun.

I sure hope Charlie’s platoon earned another call this weekend!  It has been such a pleasant surprise both times so far!  I’m trying not to get my hopes up TOO much though.

My adopted finch has started plucking one of my original ones.. I was really hoping he wouldn’t misbehave.  Not sure what to do about it. :/




My annoying, lovable dog (who ate my glasses today..)


Last night I tore up the remaining of my pack and said goodbye to cancer sticks!