I’ve been pretty slack with updates!  I’ve managed to get his letters up, but haven’t taken much time to write about what is going on in MY life.  Well,

Homework is getting easier to do (sort of), at least by that I mean I am able to focus more on it.

I’m not moping about quite so much anymore!  I also have gotten pretty serious about my diet and exercising.  I’m 10 pounds away from my idea BMI, though I have some problem areas I definitely need to work on.  Mostly INCREASING the size of my bottom half and figuring out how to get rid of my little muffin 🙂

The kids are doing alright.  Nathan amazes me every day with how much he grows and how damn smart the kid is!  he is almost 17 months old now.. Today he was attempting to use his little ride-and play truck to climb onto the bed.  He gives kisses and knows how to get my attention, lead me to what he wants and more or less ask for it.  He also has gotten much better with being away from  me, at the gym and the babysitter.  Such a silly kid!  Nora has been having a hard time.. getting her to school is an ordeal every morning, and I’ll admit I’ve given up a few times and just slept in and had a lazy, pitiful day.  Oh well, judge me if you want, but we DO have fun just hanging out.  She loves going to Chili’s!  So much attitude.. the combination of myself and her father is pretty volatile, lol.

Work is going swell.  Apparently I kick ass at this whole marketing thing (how, I have no clue) and was actually used as an example for other stores as to what they should be doing.  My huge head swelled up a bit after that.

I bought myself a birthday present, since Charlie is obviously unable to.. I think it worked out in my favor, since I got an iPhone 5!  I DID pick up a bunch of extra shifts to offset the cost, and honestly, I love the thing!  I’ve wanted one since I got a phone plan in October 2010, just back then i Phones were strictly AT&T and we have bad history.  When my contract with sprint came around, I happened to break Char’s phone and gave him my Evo 4g (on his request) and settled for the 50$ Epic Touch (Samsung galaxy sII) which was alright, but every phone I’ve had I’ve tried to make run like an iPhone.  So now i’m happy as a clam ❤

I am learning how strong I can be, and that it is okay not to be perfect (as a mom, wife, housekeeper, etc etc) 100% of the time.  I’m even getting a little of my creativity spark back.

My ears are gauged to a Zero finally!  That is the stopping point, it just took me a long time to get here.  Love!

Dog is, dog.  He is nuts, and I love and hate him at the same time.  At least he is a good snuggler, even though he insists on destroying things and licking my face (yuck) every morning when he decides it is time to wake up.

Hearing from Charlie is still the highlight of my week, be it letters or the rare calls.  I hate that he is sick, but he is really enjoying the ARMY and I couldn’t be more proud to call him my husband.

Tonight is my LAST NIGHT ever smoking cigarettes.  Hooah.  I can do this.. I would love lots of love and support though!  I have my nicotine patches ready for the morning, and an E-cigarette in case of emergency.  Might pick up some gum too, just in case.

Good night, and I’ll be posting Charlie’s newest letters soon!

xo, Cande


Ice, ice baby (eyebrow) YEOW.