I’m so stoked!  I happened to get a phone call from Charlie today (on my birthday, too!).  His company phased from red to white, meaning they have more freedom now!  Of course, that can be taken away if they mess up.  He told me his platoon is rocking, and getting in trouble a lot less than some of the other platoons.  I’m so proud!

He does have a minor cold, which I’m concerned about.  He said on the day they were supposed to do the Eagle tower (which got cancelled) he took a trip to sick call to get some meds.  Hopefully he gets better!

Hearing his voice was the best thing ever.  He sounds so happy!  He was describing what I think he called “nick at night” where they have to crawl through the Georgia mud and clay and sand with live ammo going off over their heads, in the dark, under barbed wire and all.  He also said they did their first FTX (field training) and he really enjoyed it!  So glad.  Knowing he is doing well and excelling helps my conscious a lot.  He did say he need to work on his push-ups for the PT tests, I guess he had muscle failure.  I have every ounce of confidence in him.

There was a trivia question posed on his company’s Facebook page which I didn’t get correct fast enough (it was a picture of a soldier from WW2), so I won’t be getting a “Special” photo of my SIT, but I’m still riding high from my phone call.  Sucks it will be about three weeks before another one, but in three weeks it will be almost his graduation so I’ll survive.

Looking at it now, at 45 days left, it seems much closer.  Now it’s like, 45 days to get really ahead in school, 45 days to get KILLER abs, 45 days to get a lot of house stuff done.  45 days doesn’t seem that long!  Plus, being in white phase he *SHOULD* get more time to write.. hopefully.  I’m still sending daily letters to him, which he loves.  He sounded so proud to say his wife is on top of things, when he explained why he was the only one to get mail at first call!  Lord I miss my husband, but it is so worth it for him to be following his dream.  I will always stand by his side and support him.

Homework time, night!