Today has been slow, a good kind of slow.  No appointments, rushing around.  Simply lounging around and cleaning, catching up on house chores.  Went through the kids clothing and have 2 diaper boxes full of Nathan’s old things and a good size bag of Nora’s, all to be passed onto friends who recently have had littles.  Waiting on my best Mary to come over for a little.  In exchange for using my dryer/washer abilities, she is bringing booze.  Win-win situation!  I guess another good thing about Sunday is the post doesn’t come, so there is no anticipation over whether or not letters will arrive.

Yesterday Charlie’s mother came over and we picked out a few things for Nora’s birthday (Monday) and later I washed our cars.  I need to do that more often instead of hitting the Super-wash   Even a 5$ car wash adds up if you do it weekly/bi weekly, so that’s 10$ a month saved or 120$ a year.  Not a lot, but little things like that can all add up to a nice little vacation/emergency fund!  When you figure wash fluid costs what, 2$, the brush is a one-time investment (though mine is probably due to be replaced soon) and the sham, which probably totaled 10$.  I do need to get more of the tar and bug remover, which I think is around 3$.  120-(2+10+3) is till 105, minus whatever needs to be replaced in that year.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



(pic unrelated, but funny!)