image(scrumptious vegan stuffed..pepper)

I’ve noticed, I have a lot of items that just more or less “hang out” in my pantry.  So, since I’m on a very tight budget while waiting for Charlie’s funds to start coming in, I figured I’d stretch  my thrifty-journey out to using the stuff in my cabinet and refrigerator   Voila!  I had 2 peppers and all the stuff to make it, but I didn’t want to waste a whole can of tomato paste on just 2 peppers (or have to save the rest for who knows when) so I cut the peepers up and lined a glass baking dish with them.  Filled the middle with the white rice-tomato paste-veggie “crumbles” mixture, and topped it off with “veggie melts” mozzarella style cheese and some red pepper/random seasonings.  Baked for 25 minutes at 300F and then another 15 at 350 F.  Turned out good!  Doesn’t even taste vegan, lol.  But, of course you could make it using the regular stuff too.