Well, 2330 (or 11:30 pm) really isn’t that late for me, but adjusting to the new schedule of being a “day worker” and doing all the morning rituals with the kids, I suppose I should be in bed.  Instead I’m lost wandering the Internet, sipping some terrible wine.  I did [finally] start working on my scrapbooks.  It felt nice to put those photos rotting in a box onto cohesive pages.  I wish Nora was here just because I can’t wait to see her face when she looks at the photos from her 3rd birthday!  That girl loves birthdays more than… anything really.

Tomorrow will consist of errands [sigh] work meeting [double sigh] and finishing the cleaning for the weekend [siiiiigh].  I simply want to lay around and watch reruns on netflix, lol.  Maybe Sunday.

Here is a porcupine.  Good night!