Today started off, on the wrong side of the bed I suppose.  (Literally I woke up on my husband’s side, something I’ve caught myself doing more and more).  We overslept, the dog didn’t get out in time to do his business, and I let the kids pretty much run a muck   Nora watched a variety of her shows and Nathan stuffed his face in his PJ’s.  It wasn’t until around 11 that I eventually got anything done-which still most of the house is a mess.  I managed to find my engagement ring, I had a mini anxiety-spaz attack last night about if after drinking a few beers.  Still searching for my original wedding band though (it is here somewhere).

We either had a substitute mail man, or a new one today.  Normally the post comes around 11, today it was closer to 12:30… meaning I didn’t need to rush around at 10:15 making sure all of my silly Valentines day cards were properly addressed and stamped for their weight.  Still, they all made it out along with a daily letter, and some photos stuffed in the envelopes.  Nothing came for us today.. I tried to hide my disappointing when the postman handed me a flyer on guest women’s health concern seminars–blah blah.

At least there is hope of seeing new pictures of Charlie today on the activity site.  His company has appeared on the drop-down list (photos are still processing) so hopefully out of the 200 or so soldiers he gets in a few shots.

I miss him so much.. I know he would be sad to hear I drank myself to sleep last night and abandoned all daily activities today though, so I will carry on and accomplish what needs to be.  Nathan wasn’t feeling well so we skipped work.  Luckily I busted ass this week and only need to email a few supervisors.

I also might have dyed my hair an unnatural blue-black color (advertised as “natural blue black”) and am worried about the state of my strands!

waiting by mail

(ho hum)