Today started off pretty boring.. Kids were up at the crack of 7am and after they were fed, I snoozed on the couch while they terrorized my home.  Eventually I got enough motivation to get up and going.  Got a letter put in my mail box before the post man came (nothing good for me today, though) and did some cleaning–including mopping the floors.  Charlie’s dad and girl-friend Madonna came over and kept us company for a little bit.  Seeing pictures of Charlie again posted on his company’s Facebook page was awesome!  Today they did the CBRN (gas chamber) experience.


(Charlie is dead center.. and it looks like his hat is on backwards.)

I can’t wait to hear his first hand account of it.  They were sent into the building, gas was released, then they had to take off their gas-mask and store it(?) and put on their ACH (hat) before walking out.  Some of the pictures feature guys with snot and foam running down their faces!


(here he is behind the guy with his arm out, you can’t see his eyes.  His helmet number is 314)

Lordy, I miss him.  But I know we will be together soon, and our relationship will only be stronger because of this time apart.

Anxiously awaiting mail.