Another day down, another day closer to family day.  My boss had me doing “super secret undercover spy work” today (lol, that is a slight  exaggeration).  It wasn’t too bad though.  Also got my hair did-Ryan a.k.a. vanilla ice is pretty bomb.  He knows his way around a shampoo, let me tell you.  It looks really nice and it’s not really shorter, just falls so much nicer.  And my bangs are doing that “wooshy” thing that I have such a hard time with.  His studio is awesome!  All sorts of art (ralph steadman!), guitars, vintage hair dryers!  It was fun, and a nice break from the last 11 days.

After rounding up the kids we had a pretty relaxing night.  I made my first pizza crust from dough, it turned out okay, but I think I should have let it cook longer?  It had a strange consistency.  And I put waaaay too much cheese on it!  Oh well.

Trying to get amped up to play some diablo, or COD.  Probably just going to pass out instead.  Still getting used to this whole weekends off thing.  Excited about Tashi’s husband’s birthday shin-dig on Sunday.